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December 24 2019

United against the odds

United we stand, united we will survive!

December 09 2019

Operation Snowflake

It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere...

November 01 2019

June 21 2019

WaterFeeler3 main board build in progress

WaterFeeler3 getting started

June 04 2019

WaterFeeler3: PCB in production

Making headway for GSP

May 27 2019

May 02 2019

WaterFeeler2: `I'm not dead, Jim!`

Prepare for the GardenSpace zombie apocalypse?

April 12 2019

March 25 2019

March 24 2019

WaterFeeler2: more images + full charge

second WaterFeeler2 session

WaterFeeler2 has landed

WaterFeeler2 launch event

March 13 2019

WaterFeeler2 assembly images


March 09 2019

WaterFeeler2 mission goals

WaterFeeler2 goals

August 21 2018

Is Tesla heading for bankruptcy?

More fails at Tesla

August 17 2018

Does Tesla have a bright future?

What goes up, most come done. Hard.

June 29 2018

Cyanotype photography

The only stress free photographic process

May 14 2018

GEO, ERROL status update

GEO-1B moved, ERROL launch date set

May 06 2018

GEO-1 mission failure, replacement launched

GEO-1 is dead, long live GEO-1B!

May 03 2018

GEO-1 status update

GEO-1 - everything nominal

April 24 2018

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