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May 14 2018

GEO, ERROL status update

GEO-1B moved, ERROL launch date set

May 06 2018

GEO-1 mission failure, replacement launched

GEO-1 is dead, long live GEO-1B!

May 03 2018

GEO-1 status update

GEO-1 - everything nominal

April 24 2018

April 21 2018

GEO-1 launched, GEO-2 solar panel destroyed

One of two missions isn't so bad, is it?

April 14 2018

GEO, ERROL status update

More mission changes in the garden space program

April 12 2018

GEO: Status update

Arduino Software Serial delays the mission

April 02 2018

Announcing the GEO satellite relay

Garden Exploration Orbiter

March 04 2018

Errol: Progress Update

Slowly progressing to finished design

February 18 2018

A change of plans: Errol, the new GSP mission

The best laid plans of man and mice...

January 23 2018

January 18 2018

FAST CORE mission description

First Scotty-type mission

January 09 2018

January 04 2018

December 28 2017

The Great Altcoin Experiment

Crypto-coins are just not worth it?

December 07 2017

October 18 2017

September 18 2017

July 10 2017

AI: Slavery of Salvation?

Are we ready to play God?

April 03 2017

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