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January 23 2018

January 18 2018

FAST CORE mission description

First Scotty-type mission

January 09 2018

January 04 2018

December 28 2017

The Great Altcoin Experiment

Crypto-coins are just not worth it?

December 07 2017

October 18 2017

September 18 2017

July 10 2017

AI: Slavery of Salvation?

Are we ready to play God?

April 03 2017

March 27 2017

Internet of hackable dish washers

When a hacked tea kettle tries to kill you.

February 11 2017

January 27 2017

Going mobile!

Supporting those tiny screens

August 25 2016

The european Perl conference

Fun, learning, but no vampires

August 03 2016

Don't microwave your phone, dummy!

♫ And it burns, burns, burns, the phone on fire... ♫

June 30 2016

April 01 2016

A new economy?

We are not in a bubble?

March 12 2016

I just wrote my first Google Chrome extension

The "Edit Hidden Fields" extension

February 28 2016

Mesh Simulation 1 results

RPI Cluster Clacks P2P Sim 1
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